Home Cleaning Services In Nagpur India

Your home sweet home is where old memories are cherished and new memories are shaped. Every homemaker wishes to have a decorated, clean and safe home be it big or small. Many arrange some or the other home décor, upgradation or cleaning services for this. Speaking of home décor and cleaning, there is no doubt as to why Home Cleaning Services are important. The word ‘home’ itself implies a place where you can breathe free in a safe, comfortable and hygienic environment.

Thinking of this, Our company designed their Home Cleaning Services for those willing to take an extra step towards the cleanliness of their sweet abode.

Cleaning & Sorting out Closets and Cupboards

Do your clothes too keep on pouncing out from the cabinets and closets? Or jewellery scattered throughout the powder room? It’s time that you re-organize and sort them out. If there are some old clothes that need to be recycled or donated, we’ll help you clean that now. But not to worry, Our company will do that for you.

Bath & Toilet Cleaning

The primary area which your guests notice first isn’t your living room or backyard. They notice your bathrooms and toilets. Yes, even if you have a small home, clean and hygienic bathrooms can raise your appeal to much higher standard. Our Home Cleaning Services include cleaning of tubs, showers, pipes, toilets, mirrors, tile grout, wash bowls, sinks, taps & faucets, countertops and cabinet racks. Besides this, we empty out the wastebaskets, refill the toilet paper, fix the peg rails, wipe-shine the walls and disinfect the floors with warm water and phenolic substances.

Removing Rubbish & Clutter

While minimalism is the latest home cleaning mantra, however, even if you don’t believe in it, Our company is there for you. Books, diaries, newspapers, music DVDs, photo frames, showpieces, furniture, kids toys, souvenirs & memorabilia, gadgets, accessories and apparels, there’s a lot to do. And our Home Cleaning Services team will do that for you!

Dusting, Dampening & Smoothening

From your entrance porch to living room space, they are the most frequent receivers of footprints and dirt along with them. Our company understands that the grainy soil spread on floors doesn’t just appear irritable but is a source of infections too. So, we take most of our housekeeping time cleaning your floors and corners. With a damp cloth dipped in an alcoholic disinfectant, we let your floors shine, while organizing the knick-knacks over and above.

Kitchen Cleaning

After bath, kitchen is the next place that determines the appeal of a home. Backsplash splashed with smoke and sauce bubbles, granite countertops going ashy in appearance, glass cabinets gone dull and knobs gone dim; a lot happens while we cook our favourite dishes in the home’s kitchen. Our Home Cleaning Services staff wipes clean your stove, oven and dishwasher sink, polishes the backsplash and countertops, fix the cabinetry and dust the lighting fixtures in your kitchen.


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