College Housekeeping Services In Nagpur India

College is the fountain of education and students are there to drink the knowledge. For any individual, college education forms one of the golden periods of one’s lifetime. The campus corridors, the hostel mess, canteens, libraries and freshman dorm rooms; every nook and corner has stories written on them by the students. In the same vein, housekeeping makes up a heavy responsibility in the colleges, universities and higher educational institutions.

Provided a large area, huge size of college crowd and a responsibility to maintain hygiene & sophistication at the same time, Our company has a special team curated especially for college housekeeping servicees.From swiping off wafer wrappers scattered near the trash cans to stacking the sheets spilled on laboratory floors, keeping a college campus clean is a tough responsibility. Following are some of the housekeeping measures we employ to upkeep the maintenance of campuses.

Disinfection & Sanitation of Washrooms

Unlike schools, many colleges run in shifts till evening. And naturally, the washrooms remain in usage usually for full working day. Therefore, in any college housekeeping service, a strict cleaning procedure is required for water tanks and washrooms. At Our company, we strive to provide infection control, waste disposal, and supplies including alcohol or phenol based hand cleaners, toilet paper rolls, and napkins as per the requirements.

Carpets & Floors

Usually in a college premises, areas like hallways, dean cabin, offices, staff rooms, auditoriums, computer cells and projector rooms are floored with carpets. Our company offers quick steam cleaning and vacuum cleaning for the carpeted areas of a college. For regular floors, we broom and mop them. For hard floors or tiles, we apply buff sprays for refinishing them into a glossy look.

Maintenance of Canteen & Food Services

Canteen counters and cafeteria tables are one of the most crowded areas of a college, especially during lunch breaks. They don’t just require good quality food but also a good housekeeping service for the college canteen. At Our company, we spray the area with disinfectants, odourless & harmless fresheners to prevent the entry of ants, bugs and rodents. If you require the pantry, food counters and kitchen to be cleaned as well, our College Housekeeping Services will help you develop a scheduled cleaning strategy for the same.

Eco-friendly Recycling if required

The team of our company believes in environmental-friendly housekeeping procedures. Whether it is sewage, food remains or paper waste, we support the colleges in creating cleaning and recycling schedules for the same. Alongside emptying trash cans and waste baskets, we’ll help you recycle them in sustainable ways.

Walls, Boards & Furniture

For walls, our college housekeeping checklist includes damp cleaning, stain removal and polishing if required. For chalk boards, white boards and projectors we help you develop scheduled dusting methods along with washing, wiping and spot cleaning. As far as furniture is concerned, we have manual housekeepers who shall visit your campus for thorough cleaning on daily, weekly or monthly basis, as chosen by you.

Stationary & Paper Utilities

Be it a laboratory or a staff room or a classroom, stationary is the life of any school, small or big. Pencil coils, eraser rubbers, ink refills, broken crayons, waste paper, test tubes, bio lab waste, used up art & craft materials, and what not. And so, we clean up the bins, sort out the stationary and organize the school study space.
A school strives to teach the young generation to be the part of solution and not the part of pollution. And so does we teach our school housekeeping staff at our company


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