Office Housekeeping Services In Nagpur India

Doesn’t it look unprofessional if a client visits your office and sees stain marks on your reception table? Or what if there’s a meeting of your team leaders and when they arrive in the conference room, they encounter used coffee cups lying on the table? An unclean office space doesn’t just looks unprofessional but also dulls the daily motivation and energy of employees working there. On the other hand, a neat and presentable working area automatically fills the space with a relaxed energy.

Here our Office Housekeeping Services come to picture. At our company we provide high-quality, convenient Office Housekeeping Services without compromising the working routines of the office staff or members. Below is a glimpse of the same.

Dividing Zones & Removing Clutter

Each office is unique. While some can be covered in one go, others require a more complicated strategy for housekeeping. What our company does is, we divide your office space into zones. Then zone by zone, our Office Housekeeping Services staff clears out the unnecessary items and clutter, freeing up space for your employees to think creatively!.

Sorting Out Notepads, Statinary & Paperwork

Stationary is an inherent part of an office. We help you organize, re-organize and stack the stationary items at the workspace. Our Office Housekeeping Services staff will thoroughly dust your bookshelves, file cabinets, pen stands, keyboards, telephones, and drawers. Additionally, we might suggest you to add tracking registers to your office inventory. This will ensure a proper record in case an employee submits or withdraws a stationary item.

Restrooms & Bathrooms

Stacking and arranging towels on towel holders, refilling soaps & hand-sanitizer dispensers, filling the toilet paper rolls, disinfecting toilet seats and urinals, cleaning the wash bowls & sinks; are some of the cleaning protocols our company follows for Office Housekeeping Services. Apart from this, we polish the mirrors, clean away sanitary napkin bins, remove excess grout from tiles and wipe away the floors with disinfectant power cleaners.

Lunch Rooms, Mess & Pantry Areas

There is something about the lunch rooms in offices. Of course, we need them neat and sorted but since it’s a working space, therefore, in addition, we need to remove the smells of eatables from the lunch times. In our Office Housekeeping Services, bins are emptied, ovens are wiped with damp cloth, coffee mugs are washed, spilled liquids are wiped clean and stocked in pantry. Water tanks are regularly cleaned and disinfected with chlorinated agents. Tables, chairs and countertops are wiped, cleaned and sprayed.

Cubicles, Canins & Glass Surfaces

Our company understands that higher authority cabins and cubicles in an office require extra care as they receive important clients and visitors on regular basis. So, we use damp mopping, carpet steam cleaning, polish smudging and world-class glass cleaning techniques to housekeep these areas. If you keep indoor plants inside your office cabins, our Office Housekeeping Services staff offers proper care and maintenance of these plants and other showpieces if any.


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