Hospital Housekeeping Services In Nagpur India

Infections and germs spread like wildfire. This is especially the case in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and medical centres, where people are more susceptible to catching these. Hospitals are lined with people suffering from injuries, septics and diseases. Along with the patients, their family members, friends, the nurses and even the doctors are at vulnerable risk of catching the germs, viruses and diseases in their bodies. Be it any healthcare environment big or small, there is no escaping to it.

In such a scenario, there is no denying to the importance of healthcare and Hospital Housekeeping Services. While cleaning is an essential part of any and every locale, when it comes to healthcare, it can’t be underestimated at any cost. Here comes our company, a company offering state-of-the-art our company Here is a glimpse of the features our company offers:

Team of Qualified & Trained Housekeeping Professionals

Housekeepers play the most important role in a cleaning service. At our company, our team comprises of expert and professionally trained housekeepers specializing in the industrial area. For each project, a team of housekeepers is specially selected based on their understanding of the industry and level of housekeeping skill.

Use of Branded Housekeeping Tools & Materials

Infections can leak from anywhere. We believe, for any Hospital Housekeeping Services not just the hospital but also the housekeeping equipment needs to be cleaned. And so, at our company we employ only those equipments & chemicals which are clean and of superior quality. From sanitizer liquids to disinfectant chemicals to scrubbers to mop brushes, we ensure that any piece that reaches your place is dust-free and germ-free.

Excellent Cleaning Formula & High Quality Systems of Germ Control

Bacteria, pests and germs have a way to spread anywhere and everywhere. In a healthcare environment, they grow even more stubborn. Let’s say a person touches the dressing on a patient’s wound and forgets to wash one’s hands. Now, whatever the person touches will carry an invisible trace of the bacteria carried from the place of the wound. Keeping this in mind, our Hospital Housekeeping Services are designed to pay attention to detail. Every nook and corner including dustbins, beds, bedrails, curtains, furniture, toilets, kitchens, pantries, labs, cabins, test machines, phones and call buttons, is cleaned with utmost precision. Walls, floors, ceilings, windows and glass are thoroughly dusted, mopped and cleaned to the sparkle point while reducing the strong, bitter undertones of antiseptic smells.

Reliability & Safety with Flexible Scheduling

A hospital environment never ceases in motion. It works in odd hours as well. Therefore, at our company, we provide flexible cleaning schedules as per your requirement. Our Hospital Housekeeping Services strive to honour the safety of patients, staff and visitors. Also, the chemicals we use including iodoform, phenols, chlorine and other iodine-based liquids, are used with precise care especially in kitchen, pantry and meal/mess areas.


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