Hotel Housekeeping Services In Nagpur India

Housekeeping in hospitality industry is not just a service but an attitude, attitude of excellence and attitude of love. In fact, housekeeping is the central hinge on which the hospitality industry revolves. The Hotel Housekeeping Services provided by our company are designed in a state-of-the-art fashion to meet the hospitality requirements of your hotel or resort. With top-of-the-line trained team of housekeepers, we make sure your hotel shines without causing any inconveniences to the customers.

Coming up below are some of the housekeeping measures we employ in our Hotel Housekeeping Services.

Cleaning Bedrooms & Suites

Our company specializes in thorough cleaning of rooms, lobbies and suites in hotels. After all, this is where the guests are going to spend most of their time. From ceiling to floor, we clean and dampen the surfaces. Walls undergo spot cleaning and wiping. Light fixtures are dusted off. Carpets are steam cleaned and wooden surfaces are polished.

Cleaning & Repair Of Windows

As time passes by, windows seem to dull out in shine. The Hotel Housekeeping Services we offer are meant to recover this shine by dusting, washing and cleaning the window glass both from inside and outside. Curtains and draperies are shaken and dusted if not washed or replaced. Sills are cleaned. Windows are checked for any loose hinges or broken handles.

Maintenance Of Furniture & Furnishings

Upholstery is yet another important part of a hotel housekeeping service. From cleaning of sofa beds to polishing mirrors, fixing lampshades, there’s a lot to work in this area. Furniture is dusted and polished. Draperies are dry cleaned, ironed and changed. Handles and knobs are fixed.

Dusting And Cleaning Of Linen & Bedding

The Hotel Housekeeping Services offered by our company strives to dust and wash away the bedspreads, mattresses, washroom linen, cushion covers, sofa draperies and so on. Stains are removed and foam is wiped clean.

Bathroom, Shower & Toilets

Bath and shower demands high quality hygiene if you wish your guest to be a walking marketer for your hotel. Clean and fresh baths are the silver lining of any hospitality service. Moving on in the same line, we make this feature available in our Hotel Housekeeping Services. Bath tubs, toilet seats, wash bowls, tap knobs, touch points and shower tubes are elaborately cleaned and disinfected. Tiles are mopped and smoothened following by fixing the grout and loose tile pieces if any. Exhaust fans and chimneys are freed from dust accumulation and cobwebs. Supply of soaps, shampoos, body lotions, toothpaste and other amenities, is stocked and arranged in the bathrooms.

Fixing And Cleaning Of Doors & Signs

A hotel consists of hundreds of doors if not thousands. Therefore, the staff at our company is divided into zones. Doors in each are checked for working of locks. Peeled and chipped paint is repaired and polished. Also, our hotel housekeeping service packages include checking the signboards, room number plates or strips if required.


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